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Underfloor Insulation Installation

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Do you feel the chill each winter, even when you’re indoors? If your home has an exposed underfloor (meaning there is no insulation between the underside of the flooring and the outside air below) then chances are your floor gets pretty cold in winter. Installing underfloor insulation should be high on your priority list. Amelior Insulation offers a professional underfloor insulation installation service that helps deliver a warmer and more energy-efficient living space. And the best thing of all is that properly installed underfloor insulation can be expected to last as long as your home. 


Does underfloor insulation make a difference and is it worth the initial investment?

Here are the 6 most compelling reasons why installing underfloor insulation is worthwhile, both for its immediate and long term benefits.

Improved comfort

Cold floors can make your living spaces uncomfortable, particularly during winter. Underfloor insulation acts as a buffer, preventing the intrusion of cold air and keeping the floor surface warmer. In addition to reducing drafts and cold spots, the underfloor insulation allows the floorboards (or other flooring material) to warm up towards the temperature of the air inside the room. You may be tempted to think that a thick rug or carpet will achieve the same outcome at a fraction of the cost, but this is almost never the case. Carpet alone makes a minimal difference to indoor flooring temperatures. But in conjunction with underfloor insulation, a thick indoor carpet will of course make the floor feel warmer underneath your feet.

Enhanced energy efficiency

Energy costs are high and predicted to increase further, and a significant amount of heat is lost through the floor in uninsulated homes. By installing underfloor insulation, you create a thermal barrier that reduces heat transfer between the floor and the ground. This helps to retain warmth inside your home during colder months and minimises the need for excessive heating, leading to lower energy bills and increased energy efficiency. If you currently have no insulation in your ceiling, then we recommend you prioritise ceiling insulation installation first, and then get the underfloor insulation installed afterwards, unless of course you plan to get them both done at the same time. Before getting ceiling insulation installed it’s worthwhile booking in a roof insulation inspection – it might reveal that the existing loose-fill, blow-in, roll or batt insulation is completely ineffective and that an insulation removal is needed.

Condensation and moisture control

Underfloor insulation helps combat issues related to condensation and moisture buildup. It acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from seeping into your home through the floor and reducing the likelihood of dampness, mould growth, and associated health risks. In recent years, heavier than usual rainfall has contributed to an increase in mould issues. The underfloor insulation we supply and install is non-hygroscopic, meaning it doesn’t absorb airborne moisture. 

Noise reduction

Underfloor insulation can provide effective soundproofing benefits by absorbing and reducing noise transmission. It reduces the the hollow impact of foot traffic, creaking floors and other noises, creating a quieter and more peaceful living environment. This is especially advantageous for homes located in busy or noisy areas. If your house is built on a steep incline, then you may have a usable area outside which extends underneath your floor – many people use the extra space for storage, workshop or even a full car garage if space allows. In these situations, installing an adequate layer of underfloor insulation is the simplest way to limit the amount of noise transferred from your workshop and up into the house.

Sustainability and environmental impact

Coupled with sustainable flooring, installing underfloor insulation aligns with eco-friendly building practices and reduces your carbon footprint. Improved energy efficiency = decreased reliance on heating and cooling systems, which to a large extent are still powered by fossil fuels. Both glasswool and polyester insulation are manufactured almost entirely from recyclable materials.

Increased property value

Underfloor insulation is a valuable investment that can potentially increase the value of your property. Energy-efficient homes with proper insulation are highly sought after in the real estate market. By having underfloor insulation installed, you not only enjoy the immediate benefits but also make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

At Amelior Insulation, we understand the importance of underfloor insulation and its impact on your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and overall value. Our team of professional insulation installers look forward to speaking with you and addressing your specific undefloor insulation requirements.

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We offer two excellent material options for retrofit underfloor insulation: glasswool and polyester batts. Both of these materials have their unique properties and benefits, ensuring effective insulation and energy efficiency in your home.

Both glasswool and polyester batts are highly effective at preventing heat from escaping. They’re both excellent options for underfloor insulation, and their thermal performance is practically identical when they share the same R-Value. So an R2.5 underfloor insulation made from polyester, will have the same thermal performance as the same R-Value in glasswool.

The key differences between these two types of underfloor insulation materials related to their acoustic and hypoallergenic properties

Glasswool underfloor insulation, especially high-density varieties designed for optimal acoustic performance, generally outperform when it comes to reducing sound transfer through the floor cavity and into the home. Polyester underfloor insulation is favoured by many installers due to its zero-itch properties. Since the polyester material contains no breathable fibres, it becomes an excellent choice for families prone to allergies or respiratory sensitivities. Polyester underfloor insulation is available in both rectangular segments (batts) and rolls.

Both these common types of underfloor insulation are resistant to moisture absorption and under dry and humid conditions, will not absorb or retain moisture from the surrounding environment. Note that underfloor insulation should not get wet. If earlier installed underfloor insulation suffers water damage due to a severe storm or leakage, we recommend replacing the damaged insulation with new batts or rolls. If water has also damaged the underlying structure, ensure it dries out completely before installing new underfloor insulation.

Glasswool and polyester batts are high-quality insulation materials that provide effective thermal insulation, energy efficiency, and comfort benefits for your home. Their installation can help you create a more comfortable living environment, reduce energy consumption, and lower heating and cooling costs.

Our underfloor insulation installers can install your preferred underfloor insulation brand. We work with Knauf Earthwool insulation, Bradford Gold insulation and polyester insulation. Our skilled team will assess your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable material for your underfloor insulation needs. We ensure professional installation, proper coverage and a high standard of workmanship to deliver long-lasting insulation performance.


The installation process for underfloor insulation varies depending on the type of insulation material being used. In any case, our installation team will conduct a thorough assessment of your underfloor space to determine the most appropriate material and effective installation method. The area will be prepared by clearing any debris, ensuring a clean and suitable environment for installation. We use polyester rolls and glasswool batts for underfloor insulation installation.


Installing Polyester Rolls

When installing polyester underfloor rolls, the process typically involves stapling the rolls directly to the joists or wooden floor supports creating a secure and continuous insulation layer. This method ensures the insulation remains in place and prevents any movement or sagging over time.

Installing Glasswool Batts

The installation process for glasswool batts involves securing the batts in place using stapled strapping. To hold the glasswool batts in place strapping is placed over the batts and stapled onto the sides of the joists, creating a secure framework that prevents the batts from shifting or sagging.

Regardless of the material used, our installation team follows best practices and ensures a precise and thorough installation. We pay attention to detail, making sure there are no gaps or areas of insufficient coverage, to maximise the insulation’s long term effectiveness and energy-saving potential.

Underfloor insulation work area with exposed brick and ductwork


When you choose Amelior Insulation to take care of your retrofit underfloor insulation installation, you can rest assured knowing that your project is in good hands.

Expertise and Experience

Our experienced retrofit underfloor insulation installers will be able to advise you on the right insulation materials, and will make sure that installation is carried out to a high quality standard. Amleior Insulation’s installers are trained in Australian industry standards best practices and safe work processes, and have the necessary tools, equipment and expertise to get the job done correctly.

Quality Workmanship

Our underfloor insulation installers take pride in delivering high-quality workmanship. They have the skills and attention to detail required to install insulation without needless gaps and spaces. This is essential to ensure that the underfloor insulation performs optimally. At the end of each job, our underfloor insulation installers always take photos of their completed work, enabling our customers to visually inspect the work which has been done, including the hard to reach areas.

Warranty and Guarantees

At Amelior Insulation, we stand by the performance of our team and the quality of our work. If you should still encounter any unexpected issues or concerns, you can be confident knowing that your concerns will be listened to, and we will work with you to rectify any issues in a timely and professional manner.

Insurance and Certification

In addition to being trained in safe work practices and injury preventions, our workers are covered by mandatory workers compensation insurance, as well as Public Liability insurance.

Amelior Insulation services Sydney, Canberra, Blue Mountains and all surrounding suburbs. To organise your underfloor insulation inspection, give Phil a call on 0450 858 568 or send us a text. We look forward to helping you get your underfloor insulation needs sorted as quickly as possible.