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Our experienced insulation installers in Blacktown prioritise clear communication and strive to understand your needs properly. Our mission is to boost your home’s energy efficiency while adhering to Australian insulation standards. Our skilled ceiling and underfloor insulation installers in Blacktown are ready to help you with your insulation needs, whether it be a regular insulation installation, an insulation removal or a roof insulation inspection.

Climate and Weather in Blacktown

Blacktown has a humid subtropical climate. Its weather features moderately hot and rainy summers, as well as cold and somewhat dry winters, with precipitation occurring throughout the year. Unlike Sydney Observatory Park, Blacktown experiences a greater difference in temperature between winter and summer. It also receives less rainfall due to the absence of coastal sea breezes from the Tasman Sea, which reach only as far as the nearby suburb of Homebush to the east of Blacktown, further reducing summer precipitation.

During the summer months, Blacktown encounters moderately hot and humid conditions, with temperatures similar to those in Port Jackson. However, the absence of coastal sea breezes results in a higher diurnal temperature range. Blacktown sees more days exceeding 30 °C, with 29.6 such days, compared to Observatory Park, which records only 11.1 days above this temperature threshold.

Winters in Blacktown are characterised by cold and relatively dry conditions. Its inland location, farther from the Tasman Sea, results in an average of 11 nights below 5 °C and 2.4 nights below 0 °C , which is colder than the Sydney CBD. The absence of sea influence allows for light frosts on many winter mornings. Southwesterly winds, known as frontal lows, often impact Blacktown during the winter, although they lose much of their moisture as they cross the Victorian Alps and Great Dividing Range, contributing to the dryness of the season.

Housing in Blacktown

Blacktown is home to a population of 396,800 people, including 104,000 families (2021 ABS Census). The top ancestries in Blacktown include Australian (19%), English, Indian, Filipino and Chinese, respectively, showcasing the blend of cultures that make up this dynamic suburb.

When it comes to the birthplaces of Blacktown’s residents, it’s clear that this is a place where people from all over the world come to call home. Approximately 50% of the population was born in Australia, while many have immigrated from countries such as India, the Philippines, New Zealand, Fiji and China. Notably, 62% of Blacktown’s residents have parents who were born overseas.

In terms of housing, Blacktown is a bustling community where 95% of private dwellings are occupied. These dwellings come in various forms, with 81% being separate houses, 12% comprised of semi-detached, row, or terrace houses and 6.7% consisting of flats or apartments. The average Blacktown home boasts 3.4 bedrooms and houses an average of 3 people.

When it comes to property ownership, 20.2% of occupied private dwellings in Blacktown are owned outright, while 42.9% are owned with a mortgage. A significant 34.3% are rented, highlighting the range of housing options available to the community. The median rent in Blacktown stands at $400.

Is Blacktown a good area to live in? Blacktown is a diverse and convenient suburb with a range of housing options and facilities, making it an attractive place to live for many. However, whether it’s a good area for you depends on your individual preferences and needs, so it’s advisable to explore the neighbourhood and consider factors like job opportunities and schools before deciding.

Home Insulation Services in Blacktown

Many homes in Blacktown are either under-insulated or insulated without the help of certified insulation installers, leading to higher energy bills and reduced comfort.

If you’re concerned about the insulation in your home meeting today’s standards (e.g., using the most suitable insulation R-value), or want to enhance energy efficiency amid rising energy costs, our expert insulation installers in Blacktown are here to help.

Feel free to contact us on 0450 858 568 to discuss our insulation services in Blacktown or to book in a roof insulation inspection. We also offer whirlybird installation services, helping to improve the ventilation in your home.

We look forward to hearing about your insulation needs and providing an effective solution!

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