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A beautiful beach and city view where Amelior's insulation installers in Newcastle service. Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor
Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Our insulation installers in Newcastle value clear communication and strive to understand customer needs. Amelior’s mission is to improve your home’s energy efficiency while meeting Australian insulation standards. Whether it’s a standard insulation installation, removal, or a roof insulation inspection, our skilled underfloor and ceiling insulation installers in Newcastle are ready to assist you.

Climate and Temperature in Newcastle

Newcastle is Australia’s second oldest city and is situated a mere two-hour drive to the north of Sydney. Situated on the Australian east coast, Newcastle has a humid subtropical climate. The heaviest precipitation occurs in late autumn and early winter, with the second half of the year being somewhat drier on average.

Summers are generally warm and humid, occasionally experiencing very dry and hot periods due to west to north-westerly winds, pushing temperatures over 40 °C. The highest recorded temperature was 42.5 °C on January 18, 2013, at Nobbys Head weather station. During these hot days in Newcastle it’s critical for both homeowners and tradies to stay hydrated!

Winters are mild with drier conditions compared to summer, and cold fronts bring strong westerly winds to the region. Fortunately, the foehn effect, characterised by warm, dry winds, ensures clear conditions. The lowest recorded temperature, 1.8 °C, occurred on July 27, 1986.

Housing in Newcastle

According to the ABS Census in 2021, Newcastle is home to 168,800 people, including 42,800 families. The city’s top ancestries include English (40.7%) and Australian (37.8%), along with Irish, Scottish and Aboriginal backgrounds respectively.

80.8% of residents were born in Australia – 64.4% have parents born in Australia, while 18.5% have parents born overseas, contributing to Newcastle’s rich cultural diversity.

In terms of housing, there are 66,100 private dwellings, with 69% being separate houses, 16.2% semi-detached or terrace houses and 14.2% flats or apartments. The average house features 3 bedrooms and accommodates 2.4 people.

Diverse housing needs are met, as 36.6% of occupied private dwellings are rented, 31.5% are owned with a mortgage and 29.2% are owned outright. The median weekly rent in Newcastle is $400, similar to surrounding suburbs.

Insulation Installers in Newcastle

Is your insulation R-value not adequate for your Newcastle home? Or perhaps your insulation is old and deteriorating? Ensuring your Newcastle home is insulated properly is crucial in a time where energy costs are rising.

To get your insulation needs sorted, contact Amelior Insulation on 0450 858 568 or send a text for a convenient call-back. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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