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A night time photo of Canberra city, where our Canberra insulation installers service

When it comes to insulation, our team of insulation installers in Canberra is dedicated to effective communication, safety and adhering to the insulation standards in Australia. At Amelior, we specialise in both underfloor and ceiling insulation installations and removals, serving not only Canberra but also surrounding areas in the ACT.

What is the Climate in Canberra?

Canberra’s climate, classified as an oceanic climate in the Köppen-Geiger system, showcases distinct seasonal variations. In the warmest month, January, average highs reach around 29°C, while the coldest month, July, sees average highs drop to approximately 12°C. Canberra experiences common frost during the winter months, although snow is a rarity in the CBD due to its location on the leeward (eastern) side of the dividing range. Surrounding areas, on the other hand, receive annual snowfall, often revealing a snow-capped Brindabella Range that can be seen from the CBD.

In July 2023, Tuggeranong experienced its highest-ever winter mean daily maximum temperature, alongside setting a record for the highest winter mean temperature. This is likely due to climate change, specifically the ‘global boiling‘ the Earth is experiencing.

Canberra’s weather can be influenced by warm, dry winds, particularly during winter and spring, resulting in abnormal warm maximum temperatures relative to its altitude. The city has recorded extremes like a scorching 44.0°C in January 2020 and a frigid -10.0°C in July 1971, along with infrequent light snowfall (Bureau of Meteorology). Autumn offers mild days and cool nights, while spring brings fresh mornings and brisk nights, with average temperatures ranging from 6°C to 19°C.

Canberra enjoys approximately 100 clear days each year and experiences relatively low annual rainfall, with most rain occurring in late spring. Thunderstorms are more prevalent between October and April due to the influence of summer and the surrounding mountains.

Housing in Canberra

With around 145,600 people and 35,000 families calling it home, Canberra is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. The city’s rich cultural diversity is reflected in the main ancestries of its residents, with English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and Chinese backgrounds being the most prevalent respectively (ABS). This blend of heritage contributes to the city’s unique cultural tapestry.

Canberra’s real estate market boasts a strong occupancy rate, with approximately 90% of private dwellings being occupied. These homes come in various forms, with 48% being separate houses and 34% consisting of flats or apartments. The average private dwelling in the city provides three bedrooms.

When it comes to homeownership, 38% of homes are being rented, offering flexibility to a significant portion of the population, and 31% of homes are owned with a mortgage. The median rent in Canberra stands at $475 (2021).

Canberra Insulation Installers

Ensuring your Canberra home is properly insulated is a wise decision to maintain both comfort and to reduce energy costs. To start this process, it’s vital to ascertain the insulation R-value currently in place within your property.

If the idea of evaluating your insulation or going up into your roof cavity seems overwhelming, Amelior Insulation offers roof insulation inspections. Our dedicated team of insulation installers in Canberra will be readily available to assist you. The brands we install include Knauf Earthwool insulation and Bradford Gold insulation. We also do whirlybird installations in Canberra, which helps to improve overall ventilation and air circulation in your home.

Simply call one of our insulation specialists on 0450858568 or send us a text for a convenient callback – we look forward to hearing from you!

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