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A stunning beach view of Stanwell in Wollongong, where Amelior's insulation installers also service.

At Amelior Insulation, we make sure that your Wollongong property becomes more energy efficient and meets today’s insulation standards. If you’re uncertain about the state of your insulation or hesitant to navigate your roof cavity, we recommend you schedule a roof insulation inspection. We also offer professional ceiling insulation installations, underfloor insulation installations, insulation removal and replacements and whirlybird installations.

Climate and Temperature in Wollongong

Wollongong, known for its stunning beaches, is located in NSW and experiences a climate that’s mainly oceanic but edges into humid subtropical territory. Temperature extremes include a high of 44 °C on January 1, 2006, and a low of 0.8 °C on July 27, 1986. Each year, Wollongong enjoys approximately 107 clear days.

Rainfall is spread across the months, leaning more towards the first half of the year. This weather pattern happens because of the hills and their location near the Tasman Sea. The hills force the air to rise, and since they face the sea, they often get hit by easterly winds. Thunderstorms are also common in the warmer months, bringing lightning, heavy rain and occasional hail.

July and August are recognised as the windy months, marked by westerly gales gusting over 100 km/h. These are typically dry, hot winds from the Great Dividing Range, common during this time in southeast Australia on the leeward side of the Ranges.

December stands out as the sunniest month in Wollongong, boasting an average of 9.5 hours of sunshine per day. Overall, the city basks in around 3100 hours of sunshine annually. Summers can often reach around 33°C-39°C, making it the perfect city to visit for beach trips.

Housing in Wollongong

According to the ABS Census in 2021, Wollongong has a population of 214,560 people, including 57,100 families.

The top ancestry in Wollongong is English (35.8%) and Australian (34.7%) followed by Irish, Scottish and Italian heritages. 80% of residents were born in Australia and the remaining 20% were born in countries like England, South Macedonia, Italy, India, New Zealand and others.

Wollongong accommodates its residents in 80,700 private dwellings, primarily consisting of separate houses (68.4%), followed by flats or apartments (18.5%) and other dwelling types (12.9%). The average occupied private dwelling boasts 3.1 bedrooms and houses 2.5 individuals.

Ownership patterns vary, with 34.2% of occupied private dwellings owned outright, 32% with a mortgage and 31% being rented. The housing landscape caters to a diverse range of preferences, contributing to the overall appeal of Wollongong as a place to call home.

The median weekly rent in Wollongong stands at $390.

Insulation Installers in Wollongong

Concerned about the insulation r-value in your Wollongong home and the impact of rising energy prices? We’ve got you covered.

For expert assistance, give our insulation installers a call on 0450 858 568, or shoot us a text for a convenient call-back time. We look forward to hearing from you and sorting out your insulation needs!

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